Have fun working with Geographer Café, being part of the world heritage site at Jonker Walk. We believe strongly in developing and rewarding employees.

As we continously grow, we seek highly qualified, competent and committed individuals who is able to run with our vision and mission to take it to greater heights.

Those candidates with the above attributes and knowledge are invited to apply for a promising career in our organization.


地理学家咖啡馆就像一个小小的地球村, 在这里工作,层出不穷的惊奇与源源不断的创意, 总是让你活力充沛!尤其欢迎马六甲的市民加入下列的工作队伍.




Interested candidates please contact:

Ms. Kristine (06-2816813) / Mavis (06-2848148)


send your resume to:









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