Geographér Café is conveniently located in a conspicuous corner pre-war shophouse right in the heart of Chinatown, Old Malacca. This eatery with its warm ambience reflects the gracious old charm of the seasoned traveller and truly maintains the tradition in a place where East meets West.

Visitors are provided a window with a “Living Museum” as they keep an exciting look-out for the bustling activities that pulse through the many narrow streets nearby, which are lined with shops, houses and buildings, centuries old. Within walking distance from Geographer Cafe, history is alive in abundance from Geographer Cafe. The oldest Chinese Temple and Muslim Mosque are located on harmony street, a short stroll away. This beautiful old architecture respond to cultural and spiritual expectations from the glorious past till the present day.

The charm of Malacca is spell-binding and timeless. Its proximity to the riverfront made it the location for settlement and development. The Baba Nyonya House situated at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock or formerly known as Heeren Street, is one of the most exquisite, displaying a blend of Dutch and Chinese influences. The Babas were called the Straits Chinese or Peranakans. Their culture is derived from Traditional Chinese with Malay influence. They belong to their own unique community and Malacca is the original birthplace of this clan. Their beautiful homes which contains their heritage structure are located a short distance from Geographer Cafe.

Join us at Geographer Cafe, a city of many historical cultures and delicious local cuisines.

-by Katherine Chong, 2000-