Geographér Café promotes healthy food which taste good. Food is prepared without using MSG.

Pork FREE & Lard FREE. Only serve White Meat (chicken and seafood), NO Red Meat (beef, lamb, pork, game meat).

Some of Geographér Café food specialties.

  • SOUP: Geographer Tom Yam Coconut Soup, Mushroom Soup, Tomato Soup
  • SNACKS & APPETIZERS: Chicken Satay, Veggie Satay, Fresh Veggie Rolls, Spring Roll, Chicken Bites
  • ASIAN MAIN COURSE: Jonker’s Fried Rice, Mango Thai Chicken, Kampung Fried Rice, Nyonya Fried Vermicelli, Mee Goreng
  • VEGETARIAN SPECIALTIES: Nasi Lemak, Geographer’s Curry Ramen, Geographer Curry Rice, Lontong, Nasi Impian, Pineapple Fried Rice
  • PASTA: Napolitana, Aglio Olio, Pesto Pasta, Chicken Pasta
  • SEAFOOD: Fish & Chips, Fish Fillet Burger
  • POULTRY: Black Pepper Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Crispy Chicken Chop, Grilled Chicken Burger, Crispy Chicken Burger
  • PIZZA: Margherita, Say Cheese, Garlic Cheese, Hawaiian Chicken, Seafood Hawaiian, Chicken Satay, Sambal Chicken, Seafood Sambal, Creamy Spinach, Chicken Pepperoni, (Almost) Greek, BBQ Chicken.
  • DESSERT: Sweet Malacca Vanilla, Cake 


Geographér Café serves a variety of drinks: Fresh fruit juices, soft drink, coffee & tea, exotic coffee, Non-alcoholic cocktail, cocktails, liquor, apperitives, beer, wine.

Some of Geographér specialties:

  • HEALTH DRINK: Organic Coconut
  • COCKTAIL: Geographér Delight, Cherish Malacca
  • NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS: Geographér More-more Tea, Geographér Punch