Geographér Café promotes healthy food which taste good. Food is prepared without using MSG.

Only serve White Meat (chicken and seafood), NO Red Meat (beef, lamb, pork, game meat).

Some of Geographér Café food specialties.

  • APPETIZERS: Fruit Rojak
  • SALAD: Straits of Malacca
  • SOUP: Geographer Tom Yam Coconut Soup
  • SNACK: Chicken Satay, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Chicken Bites
  • ASIAN MAIN COURSE: Mango Thai Chicken, Jonker’s Fried Rice, Cashew Nut Chicken, Kampung Fried Rice, Ayam Masak Merah.
  • VEGETARIAN SPECIALTIES: Nasi Lemak, Geographer’s Curry Ramen, Geographer Curry Rice, Lontong, Kangkung Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice
  • PASTA: Napolitana, Aglio Olio, Pesto Pasta
  • SEAFOOD: Fish & Chip
  • POULTRY: Black Pepper Chicken, Chicken Dragoncello, Honey Mustard Chicken
  • PIZZA: Margherita, Say Cheese, Garlic Cheese, Hawaiian Chicken, Seafood Hawaiian, Chicken Satay, Sambal Chicken, Seafood Sambal, Garlic Bread.
  • DESSERT: Sweet Malacca Vanilla, Apple Pie A-La Mode, Banana Chocolate Cake, Yogurt Cheesecake, Coffee Jelly. 


Geographér Café serves a variety of drinks: Fresh fruit juices, soft drink, coffee & tea, exotic coffee, Non-alcoholic cocktail, cocktails, liquor, apperitives, beer, wine.

Some of Geographér specialties:

  • HEALTH DRINK: Organic Coconut
  • COCKTAIL: Geographér Delight, Cherish Malacca
  • NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS: Geographér More-more Tea, Geographér Punch